Journal of Chemical Metrology

Year: 2016 Volume:  10 Issue: 2




Sucrose certified reference material - UME CRM 1309 d 13 C VPDB value assignment by EA-IRMS

Adnan Şimşek, Ahmet C Gören, Alper İşleyen and , Kevser Topal

J. Chem. Metrol. (2016), 10:2 ; 16-26

TUBITAK, UME, P.Box:54 41470 Gebze-Kocaeli, Türkiye

Abstract: A certified reference material (UME CRM 1309) of sucrose for carbon isotope ratio: d 13 C VPDB (‰) value was produced according to the requirements of the ISO Guide 34:2009. The certified value with uncertainty was determined as -26.78 ± 0.81 ‰ (at k=2) by Elemental Analyzer Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EA-IRMS) method. Production and the certification processes include material processing, homogeneity study, stability studies (short-term and long-term), characterization study, statistical data evaluation and assignment of the property value and uncertainty. The d 13 C VPDB certified value of sucrose was determined by an inter-laboratory comparison study among a network of seven competent laboratories.

Keywords: CRM, EA-IRMS; homogeneity; stability; characterization; assigned value; uncertainty; inter-

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