Journal of Chemical Metrology
Available Online: April 30,2023
p.1 - 11
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  • Hesam Daneshyar
  • Seyyed Hamid Ahmadi
  • Naser Dalali



Identification and measurement of pesticides in water is one of the significant public benefits of protecting humans from the effects of water pollution. In this study, a new method was presented for the determination of ethion (ET) as an organophosphate insecticide in water samples based on the use of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) of citrate-capped silver nanoparticles (CC-Ag NPs). The LSPR band was scanned by UV-Visible spectrometer and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to show the interaction, surface features and particle size. By placing CC-Ag NPs in the vicinity of ET, it was observed that the pollutant was adsorbed by silver nanoparticles in aqueous solution. As a result of the adsorption process, aggregation of silver nanoparticles was observed. On the other hand, it was also observed that the ET concentration had a direct effect on the color of the mixture from light yellow to brown. As a result of the aggregation of silver nanoparticles, the adsorption peak in the range of 393 nm was reduced and a new adsorption peak was observed in the wavelength of 540 nm. The absorbance ratio at the wavelength of 540 to 393 nm (A540/A393) was used as the analytical signal. The shift in wavelength and the change in adsorption intensity were the expression of the characteristics of the structure and concentration of the pesticide, respectively. The interaction between the sensor and the pesticide was considered to be the result of the binding of the soft metal surface with the soft sulfur atom of the pesticide. Factors affecting adsorption efficiency were investigated including pH, ionic strength, reaction time and sodium citrate concentration. The proposed method had good repeatability, reproducibility and stability. Finally, the applicability of the proposed method for real sample analysis was examined, which was consistent with the obtained experimental results

  • Ethion insecticide
  • colorimetric sensor
  • silver nanoparticles;
  • localized surface plasmon resonance


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