Journal of Chemical Metrology

Year: 2011 Volume: 5 Issue:1

Original Article

1) FAAS method and the extraction process applied for fractionation analysis of gravitation dust sediments and their evaluation

J. Chem. Metrol. (2011) 5:1 ; 1 - 10
by agmar Remeteiová, Silvia Ružičková, Mikuláš Mathernyand Vojtech Dirner

The main scope of this paper is first of all to verify the efficiency of the flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS) method for analysis of some trace elements in extracts of fractionation analysis of the gravitation dust sediments. Investigation was oriented   to the analysis of some markedly toxic trace elements in the extracts of gravitation dust sediments as well as on efficiency evaluation of the individual extraction reagents. Following analytical and fractionation extraction results were deduced conclusions about toxicity of gravitation dust sediments. Three extraction reagents with different mobilization ability were applied for fractionation extraction. There was used ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) whose mobilizable ability is least and practically equal to mobilizable robustness of water. The second reagent used was disodium salt of EDTA (Na2EDTA) which is characterized by marked complexing properties. Finally, nitric acid (HNO3) with the most marked extraction and mobilizable properties was used.  In the single extracts four chosen elements (Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn) were determined    by optimized FAAS method.

Gravitation dust sediments fractionation extraction AAS determination statistical evaluation of the results
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