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Review Article

3-Acyl(aroyl)coumarins as synthon in heterocyclic synthesis

Org. Commun. (2019) in press ; 1 - 58
by Wafaa S. Hamama , Moged A. Berghot , Eman El Baz , Essam H. A. Hanashalshahaby and Moustafa Ahmed Gouda

This review presents a systematic and comprehensive survey of the chemical reactivity of 3-acyl(aroyl) coumarins. The target compounds are important intermediates for the synthesis of a variety of synthetically useful and novel heterocyclic systems with different ring sizes such as isoxazole, pyrazole, 3H-triazolium salts, pyrimidine, pyridine, quinolone, benzoxocin, benzoxonin and benzoxepin.



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Coumarins Pyrazoles Thiazole Pyridine Heterocyclic Reduction
Available online: May 23, 2019
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