Records of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

A scientific open access journal in the field of agricultural and food chemistry.

Aims and Scope

Records of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is a journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Reviews, book reviews, research papers and short reports are considered on the substances of the food sources, measurement and agricultural sciences.

All published research articles in Records of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have undergone rigorous peer review (please click to see peer review process scheme),based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by expert referees.

The following topics are considered in the scope of the journal.

  • Multidisciplinary (or Integrated) Studies: Particularly, below listing multiple topics are encouraged.
  • Food Chemistry: Evaluating the chemical food composition, nutritional endpoints and benefits. The new analytical methods are also encouraged.
  • Food - Health and Nutrition: The wellness together with novel and supplemented foods which have the ability to enhance human or animal health. Particularly, the usability against chronic diseases.
  • Food Qualities: The production of human foods altering product qualities, including sensory or stability factors.
  • Food Safety: Evaluation of risk management including chemical, microbiological, and molecular biology issues.
  • Food Materials and Food Engineering: 
  • Food Science and Technology, Sustainable Production: Innovations in development, production and processing of human or animal food. The measurements of characteristics and functionalities are also included.
  • Agriculture - Production: Animal and plant breeding and management including value-added products, quality and sustainability.
  • Agriculture - Utilization: Post harvest utilization of plants, animals, fish and derived products as human food, animal feed, or for industrial applications.
  • Agriculture - Environment: The impact of agricultural practices on the environment. The impacts and adaptation to climate change are also encouraged.

Any views expressed in this publication are the views of the authors and are not the views of ACG Publications.